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  • Udita Sharma

What should you choose Marketing Agency or an Executive?

This is the most confusing decision for any organization, whether to sign a contract with an agency or hire an executive. Every company wants to hire an executive and why shouldn’t they, executives work Infront of your eyes being a part of your organization and works on your command. On the other hand, signing a contract with an agency is just the opposite. They are not a part of the organization and definitely doesn’t work under your command. Then why does a company should choose Digital Marketing Agency??

Hiring an agency is hiring already build team, with specialized knowledge and experience about their performing task. A team means more creative ideas, more then one research, many revisions, not just one brain but a group of brains working together to achieve a similar target. Whereas, hiring an executive is one person working to achieve the goal.

Do you know how to make the call about hiring an executive or signing with an agency?? One of the main points to focus on while choosing between an agency and an executive is the size of the organization and your brand awareness. If you already have an audience and a great brand awareness and what all you need is some paid campaigns, then hiring an executive or setting up a different team for marketing is relevant. But when you are at a starting stage where you need to build the audience and set up your social platform or you are an established business which needs an audience then you should choose Digital Marketing agency.

‘Digital Business Transformation helps

established business not only to compete in a world

that’s digital but sustain that competitive advantage’

-Nigel Vas

In the world of freelancer and advertising companies, they only deal with a rigid plan for every company but do you really need a full year of running ad campaign??Different sector has different marketing structure some does need a year of advertising and some don't. This is why we came up with the concept of "Get My Plan". In this, we customize a full deal accordingly to your company's needs and get the best out of it.

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