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#101 How/Why to grow your business online

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

What are you doing right now? You are reading this blog online on your phone or on your laptop /computer. You are online. Think about how many new things or businesses you saw while reaching this blog. We use Instagram, Prime, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. do you know what all these have in common? They all allow you to run ad campaigns because they know they have the biggest audience which is very easily distracted. There is no argument on why growing your business online is important, but different sectors have different needs. Like when it comes to a business where they are selling something, their online presence on a vast level is as important as their offline presence. When you run these businesses, you have to target as much audience as you can, which is quite hard to do offline, that’s where Digital marketing comes in need. Targeting a huge amount of audience and being able to cover the world with just a few clicks is digital marketing. When we do Digital Marketing there are many small and big points the performer should keep in mind.

Grow You Business Online
Online presence of business is important

The mindset of an audience and the mindset of a seller, these both mindset is very important to perform any campaign. Why? Cause having the mindset of an audience gives the ideas by which we can attract a customer and a mindset of a seller gives you the right motivation to promote the business. Planning a campaign is not about luck but about the words you use to run the campaign. We speak through our words while running any campaign therefore using the precise word is important. The first thing that attracts a customer to your campaign is your title.

Some examples of ideal title

1. Using “How to, Why should you, Get now, Click now” for your title creates a curiosity for the audience to click.

2. Keeping up with the trends, following the trends, or creating a new one is like fuel to the engine of your campaign.

3. Using #Hashtags. Hashtags help you to separate your content from others.

The second thing that attracts your customer is the content you have used; your content should always be related to the oncoming trends or latest news. While posting your campaign use keywords as much as you can cause that help your content to upscale others' content. The third point is Digital Marketing strategies, having a target and the content to run a campaign is just not enough to make it successful. It’s important to know the market you are dealing with and to know about what the customer will need in the upcoming time and what are their present needs. Every advertising company deals with a rigid plan with every company but some company doesn’t need a full year of advertising. What they need is the right time to execute the campaign, and the correct way to execute the campaign.

That’s why U Advertising came up with the concept ‘GET MY PLAN’ Get my plan is a concept where we first evaluate the company’s product market position & when can be the peak time to target the audience & give a separate identity to your products.

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